Ceramic coating

IGL certified and authorized


Tindalls is certified and authorized by IGL to install and warranty their products!

Low VOC and backed


IGL is the only low VOC ceramic coating, is eco friendly and safer to install with stronger results. backed by a warranty and trained staff!

Protect and seal


Hold the shine, resist environmental damages, wash and care easier! Cant your vehicle- we have options.

IGL Ceramic coating

What is Ceramic coating?


Ceramic coating is a nano bonding polymer based technology that creates a permeant / semi-permeant bond with your factory paint. In short- ceramic coatings create an additional level of protection from the sun and environment.

What does ceramic coating do?


Dirty and dull paint? Keep is glossy with a ceramic coating! Coating your vehicle helps protect it from oxidation, sun damage, environmental damages, hardwater/etching, build up, and more. Ceramic coating will allow for faster and easier washing, while leaving you vehicle looking brand new.

What doesn't Ceramic coating do?


Contrary to popular thoughts, Ceramic coating does not give you the ability to fly, nor does is turn your vehicle into a military grade tank. Coating your vehicle will not prevent rock chips, nor will it prevent scratching or 100% prevent "swirls" from bad washing habits, but it will help resist them. Although that is a let down- Ceramic coating is still essential to helping protect your vehicle and help hold its value!

Why get ceramic coating?


Don't you want to be able to get the best 'bang for your buck' when you get rid of your vehicle? Ceramic coating will help with that by keeping it in prime condition, and are even recognized by some dealerships for trade in value. Saving money on having to constantly wax and keep deep treatments on your vehicle is another huge plus- coating will resist breaking down, and protect your paint longer than traditional ways. Did you know some insurance companies will even cover coating replacements on vehicles if damaged in an accident? 

Is there a warranty?


Each level of coating has its own warranty. Our levels range from ploly to Quartz+ (2-5 years), and our wheel and fabric coatings (6months).

How much does ceramic coating cost?


Ceramic coating costs depend on each vehicle and its condition, prep, and special requests. Please call for quotes and information, accurate quotes are better given in person for painted surfaces.

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